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When getting used to using the software, I tried to ask for a power curve while only one sample size value was provided (laterI  figured out that the user has to provide multiple sample sizes for the plot).  A link for a power curve pdf shows up in the results, however it will not open because the pdf has no pages.

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by johnny (3.3k points)
Thank you for the feedback. Could you provide an example here so that we can identify the problem? You could either provide the link to your power analysis with problem or let us know the power calculator and the parameters you used.
by bakite (120 points)

This happens anytime I try an analysis with a single sample size value specified.  In the example in the link below list 100 as the only sample size when running a t-test.  


A link for a pdf appears, but there is no pdf to open.  

by johnny (3.3k points)
Thanks. I cannot see your analysis since you conducted the analysis as a registered user. However, I think I replicated what you said. This is only a problem when a single sample size is specified and the power plot is required. This is actually a bug. I have fixed this for t-test but it might be a problem for other calculators, too. We'll try to identify and fix them later.

Thanks again for the feedback!