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I am trying to estimate the sample size (power = 80; alpha = 0.05) required for a multinomial logistic regression.

The IV (x) is a dummy variable (0,1). The DV (y) is a nominal variable with 4 categories (0,1,2,3).

The hypothesis is that when x = 0, there would be an equal chance of observing any of the categories in y (i.e., .25 chance per category). And when x = 1, there will be a .60 chance of observing the specific category (0) in y.  

The wp tutorial seems to speak only to binomial logistic regressions. Any guidance on how to determine a sample size will be much appreciated.

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There is no direct function for the analysis you needed. But if you are only interested in the main effect, you can use the method for ANOVA with binary data here: https://webpower.psychstat.org/models/means06/.